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Monday, 07 May 2007

Yahoo Closes Auctions


So it finally happened. Yahoo decided to close Yahoo Auctions, and evidently quite soon. I'd guess that it was either not being used much (easy to close) or it was bleeding money/resources (desperate to close).

Through the years, clients and eBay sellers with whom we spoke always wanted to know if they should be selling on other sites. We've always said the same thing all along, so I'll say it again.

We think that for many online sellers (but not everybody of course), a great strategy is a combination of selling on eBay and selling from your own online e-commerce site. We hear lots of great things about selling from Amazon, so we'd recommend that too, though without you getting to do much branding or design, there's nothing our company can do to help there.

From there, it's up to your marketing and advertising dollars. You've got to know eBay strategy to make sales there. You've got to spend money getting people to your website. You can't just open a website and assume it runs itself. Certainly the same is true for an eBay business. So this has to be in place for the model we're recommending.

We've never been excited about Yahoo, Overstock, or any of the other sites. I'm sure some niche sites work for people, but in general, we wouldn't push most sellers to sell there.

Am I saying anything amazing or ground-breaking? Probably not. But I will say that I never though Yahoo was a strong spot for auctions, and I'm still not sold on Overstock. Considering the data I've seen from them, I won't be surprised if they stop bothering with auctions at some point.

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