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Monday, 26 October 2009

I'm Moving Back to Tucson

Yeah, I'm moving back to Tucson. Say what? What's with Deb moving around so much? Well, first of all, I can. I own my businesses, I work for me, I work from home, and I'm single with a dog and cat. The cat is really cool about the car, and the dog knows, "New house." That means no kids to pull out of school or away from friends. So I can live wherever I like, whenever I like, and why not. Do it while you can, I say.

All my phone numbers will still work... no matter what area code and number you're dialing, it'll ring at my desk.

In March 2005, I finally escaped suburban New York to the promised land of Tucson. Yeah, Tucson is really that great. It's everything I wanted... beautiful, friendly, slow-moving, insanely low cost of living, great weather year-round, safer (well the part of town I live in), and populated enough that you can get most of your major stores (1 million people living over 900 square miles). I wanted the opposite of NYC and suburbs, and I sure got it.

It's the first place in my life that has ever felt like home. Where I grew up is not home. My parents' house is not home. Tucson is home, and I'm excited to go back. Most of my best friends are there, and I'm hoping that'll inspire me to stop working 100 hrs/week, and get out a bit more.

Tucson is home to some of the best spas and rehab centres in the country. You might laugh at that sentence, but the reality is that Tucson is a great place to change your life. It's inspiring. It changed mine for the better many times, and that's why I want to stay.

San Jose has been great. The Bay Area is lovely. Can't really say a bad word about it other than I'm not really a city girl, and never quite got back into the swing of how long it takes to drive somewhere "with traffic." We kinda don't get that in Tucson. Cost of living isn't great, but the trade-off is that there's plenty to do here, and the quality of life can be good.

San Jose also gave me some time to "be alone" to redefine my businesses, focus on those, and also grieve for a bad relationship that ended badly (and won't quite go away, but it'll have closure soon enough). I needed space to think about what went wrong and what I really want, and I've been able to make some great changes to some of my bad patterns.

Incredibly good things started happening to me basically from the minute I got to San Jose. I don't really think it was being "here," I think it was just being away from the life I'd been living, but also being in a nice place that supported what I do.

I will save roughly $1000/month living in one of the nicest luxury apartment communities in Tucson, and while the economy is still crappy, I think it's important to save that. So I get to live in paradise surrounded by the friends that have become my family, and save money doing it. Check, please!

My official moving day is in mid-November, and I can't wait. I'm coming home, and I know that I will be so happy that I will be able to take the great things that started happening to me as soon as I got to San Jose, and explode them exponentially. Thanks to everybody for your support.

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I love Tucson. Good for you?
I just heard your radio show. You promised a blog post on citizens bank. I'm anxiously awaiting it.

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