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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

National Commercial FAIL

Sure, making one commercial for the whole country is cheap. But sometimes, you put something very regional in a commercial, and it doesn't make sense for where you're airing it.

I just saw a Maaco commercial. They always want to paint your car. Do cars need painting that often? My car is made of plastic. I would think it costs less to just replace body panels that are plastic and were cast/molded in that colour (not painted).

Maaco asks if your car needs painting after a harsh winter. They show cars driving on what looks like an upstate NY mountain road in a blizzard. Snow everywhere, snow coming down.

This is Tucson. Our station is seen by "southern Arizona" (south of Phoenix). Our typical winter day has a daytime high of about 55 degrees. We basically don't get snow unless you live at the top of our ski mountain.

So on behalf of the warm parts of the country... Tucson, Miami, San Diego, Houston... I'm thinking these places don't get snow. Maybe one commercial for places that get snow, one commercial for places that don't.

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