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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Blog Lockdown

Apologies to fans of this blog, but I have to spend the next unknown amount of time not posting about anything that is personal. You won't know when or if I've moved. You won't know where. You won't know what I'm dating. :) I have to have radio silence for a little while.

I am involved in a legal battle with an ex-boyfriend... the kind of guy who will use any small thing he can find out against you. I thought we had reached a deal that gave us what we both wanted, but I just learned that he broke that deal, and has declared all-out war on me. He will lose, and have nobody to blame but himself and how efficient he is with self-sabotage.

But for now, I have to protect myself. I am also blocking from my Facebook wall any people who might know him and be in touch with him at all in any way. If he wants war, then I'm turning off my 24-hr news cycle, and giving him no info. He doesn't deserve that level of trust.

While I thought he and I had a deal, I was comfy being public about my life. I should have known better. I should have known he would break the deal, and start on a truly irrational path of trying to "win" or have some sort of weird power over me. Based on what our legal issue is about, and how we're in zero disagreement over it, I can only assume this is about power... feeling like he won this his way and on his terms. I guess doing this on mutually-agreed terms was too damaging to his fragile psyche.

Once this matter is settled, I may be open to sharing the wacky and fun adventures of my life. Thanks to those who enjoy reading it. I hope to be back to our regularly-scheduled wackiness ASAP. :)

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