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Friday, 22 October 2010

Charging Credit Cards from Your iPod, iPhone, or iPad

I was at a mobile commerce conferfence last week, and saw MANY interesting companies and products. One was from GlobalTekLabs.com. They have a snap-in credit card reader called the AirePoint, and it's for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. They also have an app that'll take your gateway and other info, and then charge the card.

I think this is great for anybody who needs to charge cards remotely. By swiping the card through your device, you'll pay your "card present" rates, which should save you money. I think this device is a must-have for anybody who takes payment at conferences, flea markets, and other on-site events. I hope they will come out with something for Android phones.

Another interesting feature is that the device will snap into your iWhatever even if it has a case on it. Some other card-swiping devices make you take skins and cases off, but not the AirePoint. You can even use one AirePoint, and just plug it into your multiple iDevices as you need to.

This device has been certified by Apple. They passed the MFi Certification for iPhone and iPod, and also passed the certification for iPad. This video is honestly a little boring, but it does have good info about the device and how to use it:

Disclaimer: I wasn't paid or rewarded for this. I don't own any iWhatever so I didn't try the device. I saw it at a conference, and I thought it looked great. I think people should try it!

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