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Wednesday, 06 October 2010

Dating Profiles Make Me Want To Meet Nobody

I've read lots of online dating profiles. Two have made me want to really meet the guy. I mean really excited, and like I really HAD to meet this guy. One guy never wrote me back. The other I did get to date for a month or so, and then it fell apart. People who read my Facebook will remember him as "Mr DJ."

I've been thinking about what the dating profiles might look like for the people I did date, love, live with, try to make a life with. Now, admittedly, these people were not the right match for me. But I imagine what their dating profile would look like...

Divorced former corrections officer with two teen girls. Likes smoking cigarettes, getting tattoos, playing drums on everything, and avoiding eye contact during imtimacy.


Possibly gay massage therapist seeks woman who won't notice. Woman must not mind me quitting my job and not working, along with my wild spending habits. Enjoys being the leader of a large group of bigger misfits, loves the Mets, and has an anger management problem.

Hmmmm, not so much.

Western European alcoholic... ok I'll stop that one there. That's PLENTY.

OK so I'm taking the piss. But even if I tried to write serious ones for these people based on the good qualities I saw early on, and remember the times I was really into them, I would think that a dating profile version of them would have turned me off. So how do you find that person in online dating... or don't you?

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All people are flawed, most are severely so. Revel in it... it's why you are succeeeding, and they aren't. Being alone is a small price to pay for getting it right.

Perhaps there's some 'pay-as-you-go' means for conducting a relationship, as yet uninvented. Maybe it's up to you to invent it! What to call it... 'relationshop?'

...Off to see if that domain name's taken!

Permacrisis! Always good to see you. :)

Pay as you go for relationships? You mean I'm not paying enough already? :)

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