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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Facebook Changes Photo Memories, But Not Nearly Enough

Remember my blog post about Facebook's then-new Photo Memories feature? Evidently, my complaints about the feature were different than most people's complaints.

It appears that most people hated it because Facebook was showing them pictures of their ex. Facebook just announced that Photo Memories will now NOT show a picture of anybody who you were previously in a relationship with... according to Facebook. I have been dating people for the last 1.5 years, and have not put any of them by name as my relationship in Facebook. So Facebook has no idea who I've been dating.

Facebook needs to tweak their algorithm a different way. Let's say I'm dating a guy, and I've marked Facebook as in a relatioship with him (by name). Let's say before him, I was dating Mr X, and let's say FB knew I was "in a relationship with Mr X" for some period of time. Maybe we stayed friends, maybe we didn't, but let's say I still have FB pictures up of him or the two of us, and he's tagged.

In this case, Facebook should not show my current boyfriend any pictures that have Mr X tagged in them. I know Facebook will want to show him pictures of me, but FB should eliminate any pictures of me when there is a guy tagged in the photo who FB knows I dated (or was married to!).

Having un-friended ex-boyfriends on FB after breaking up, I can tell you that I do NOT get pictures of anybody who is not my FB friend right now. I also do not get pictures of anybody who IS my friend, but I have hidden them from my news feed.

As with many relationships, the best disconnection is total disconnection. :) If it bothers you to see pictures of your ex, why are you still FB friends with that person... reading his/her updates? Posting or commenting with him/her? Either you stayed friends, and you're OK with that person "in your space," or you didn't stay friends, and you don't even want tiny pictures rotated on your Facebook page.

Facebook, my suggestion is to re-tweak the algorithm to not show someone I am in a relationship with pictures of me with someone I used to be in a relationship with. Facebook would have better data on who I dated if it allowed me to mark myself as "In A Relationship" with [name] but to NOT show the name. My status would say "In A Relationship," Facebook would know with whom, but I wouldn't have it out there as public. I tend to want to keep who I'm dating quiet until it's been going well like a year. :)

Hopefully Facebook Photos Project Manager Sam Odio has a Google alert set up for his name, and will consider my suggestion. :)

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