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Thursday, 25 November 2010

I'm Thankful For...

It's Thanksgiving. I'd like to take a moment to give thanks.

First, thanks to my nuclear (biological) family: Grandma Lee, Uncle Jay, and Aunt Linda. You don't read my blog, but I love you guys. :)

Thanks to my "adopted" family: Terry and Mark, Linda N., and Eli and Margery.

Thanks to my closest, bestest friends on the planet: Mike, Katie, Jeff, Ana, Bryan, Joe, Seth, Mickey the Cat, and Eve the Cat. They evidently don't read my blog either. Special thanks to Bryan for embarking on another secret project with me. :)

Thanks to two who are no longer on this plane of existence, but are with me all the time: Rita the dog and Grandpa Abe.

Thanks to all of my Facebook friends. I only friend people who I trust and am friends with. Facebook is a personal world for me, and thanks to everybody there for being wonderful. I greatly appreciate the support!

Thanks to the great clients I love working with. Thanks to my AMAZING staff, who make our clients super happy.

Thanks to all my blog readers, lurkers, and non-spam commenters... even if you disagreed with me.

Thanks to the companies who think they compete with me for making me look even better, in comparison. :)

Thanks to La Botana in Tucson for being the most delicious place to eat.

Thanks to The Eco Chic Boutique for having amazing products.

My life is amazing, and it's like it's just starting again.

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Thank you for being the best, most honest field tester I have! Not to mention an awesome FB friend and wonderful all around person :)) I hope that you have the most wonderful day! Love ya beauty!

<3 P :)

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