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Monday, 24 January 2011

What Does Your Biz Need To Grow?

This is an audience participation blog post. :) What would you like to learn more about in order to grow?

I am planning another RocketPlace event that will take place in March or April. February is now too soon. It will be 2 days of webinars with experts. So to line up the experts and topics, I need to hear from you... for 2011 and beyond, with what do you need help? Where are your pain points? How would you like to expand?

I've already received requests for topics on more efficient shipping as well as the "reality" of what you can expect from using social media. As always, we'll cover eBay strategies, listing and Store design, how to create your own eCommerce store, SEO, and even SEO on eBay.We'll also look at shopping from mobile devices.

I want to hear from new and veteran sellers so that I can cover the topics you are wondering about. Please respond here, post your request to our Facebook page, or send in our form at http://www.aswas.com if you want to keep your suggestion private.


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Reaching my target audience for my organic/natural bath & beauty products. Efficiently tracking expenses and profits.

Thanks beauty!

I will gladly like to appreciate if you'll post something about SEO.

How about, optimizing your site through Facebook and Twitter?

We'll certainly talk about the role of social media for eCommerce sellers, but I'm not sure "optimising your site THROUGH Facebook and Twitter" makes sense. Maybe you didn't type what you meant?

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