Monday, 25 April 2011

This Blog Has Moved

It's official! This blog is officially closed, and has moved. I suggest you follow my other blogs, please!

The As Was site has been redone, and you can follow the new blog at It'll be much the same as you've seen here with infrequent posts.

The action is now at my Brass Flowers blog. is where you'd go! Brass Flowers is my consulting work. Posts are mostly about UX/UI, usabilty, marketing, and branding. What makes websites or apps easy or hard to use. Examples of great and bad design. Even a few posts about the eBay website... is it easy to use? If you have liked the As Was blog, you'll love the Brass Flowers blog.

And for kicks, once in a while, I write a dating advice blog with the lovely Bryan Goodman, aka Mr Bigfoot. That's at So if you enjoying the personal, wacky posts here about dating, they'll now live there.

Thanks for your loyal readership! This blog started in April 2005 (amazing!), and it lives on... just not on Typepad.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Secret Project

I have a secret project. It has nothing to do with As Was. It's based on something I invented last year that's now being built... and patent applications filed.

The "coming soon" page is up, and it lets you sign up to hear more as we get closer to launch, which I'd expect to be in May. Once you sign up, you'll get a special link and some share buttons. The more you share it and get others to sign up, the earlier we'll let you in just before we launch! So spread the word!


That's all you have to type. Yes, we're not saying much yet about what it is. But it's going to be the kind of thing where you wondered what you ever did without it. :)

You can also LIKE our Facebook biz page at

Thanks, and tell a friend!

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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Announcing 3 New, Easier Payment Plans

Here at As Was, we are fielding more interest in what we do than we've seen before. Not only are people in love with our custom and unique designs, but they also understand the strategy help and advice that comes with our services. You don't just get a pretty picture and a hardy handshake... we get to know your business, and work to improve sales and customer satisfaction, leading to higher DSRs. Did you read our study on the PowerSeller who tested her old eBay listings against the same pictures and information in the template we designed?

But with that high interest in our work comes economic concerns. And in this climate, it's understandable. We want to try to make it easier for people to afford the best company out there (that's us!), so here are our three new payment plans.

Each new client can choose whichever he or she likes for the services in your initial contract. As per our pricing page, the minimum for which you can hire us is for our "template and consulting" package at $2000. Many clients tend to add more services to their initial contract so that our work can have an even bigger effect up front.

  • Full payment up front. Pay your entire As Was contract in one payment when you sign the contract, and get a 5% discount. For example, if your contract is for template, 1-level matrix, and simple Store, you'll be able to make one payment of $2,992.50 instead of paying $3,150.00 (the total of these three services).

  • Two payments. Upon signing your As Was contract, 50% of your contract total will be due. Six weeks later or when the tasks in your contract are finished, whichever comes first, the remainder will be due. For example, if your contract is for template, 1-level matrix, and simple Store, you'll be able to make two payments of $1,575.00.

  • Three monthly payments. A third option is to pay your As Was contract over three monthly payments. We will add roughly 5% to your total as a finance charge. Your first payment is due upon contract signing, the second payment is due a month later, and the third payment is due a month after that. For example, if your contract is for template, 1-level matrix, and simple Store, you'll be able to make three monthly payments of $1,110.00.

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Tuesday, 02 September 2008

As Was Helps eBay Sellers with Holiday Selling

Between the many, large changes eBay has announced this year, and the economy, many eBay sellers are concerned about the holiday selling season.  As Was, eBay’s first Certified Service Provider, has an unmatched track record helping eBay sellers grow, compete, be more profitable, and have higher DSRs (Detailed Seller Ratings).

The average As Was client grows their eBay sales 15% within weeks of finishing a project with As Was, and then continues to grow. The average client also sees fewer pre-sales emails, more eBay Store traffic, and higher DSRs. As Was is able to achieve these results, time after time, because As Was does more than design; As Was staff is made up of eBay experts in the USA to work one-on-one with each client to improve businesses and resolve areas where shoppers feel frustration, confusion, and disappointment.

"We took several months to finally decide on a company to help us with our template design and eBay strategy. After hiring As Was, we knew we made the right decision. It took about 3 weeks for the template to be completed, and the result was impressive. We instantly noticed a higher percentage of sales on auctions that had the template than my older auctions that had not yet been converted. This was no accident. The price I paid was small compared to the long term benefits I will receive." - eBay user ID suburbanwheelcover, June 2008, days after starting to use his As Was template.

As Was works with new eBay entrepreneurs as well as veteran PowerSellers, and starts with branding and identity; does the eBay seller have a name that people will remember? When a buyer remembers your name, they are more likely to look for you again, and to tell friends.

Next, As Was creates a design template for all of the seller’s eBay listings. Designs are always completely custom and unique, designed with the seller’s company image and personality in mind. As Was designs based on how eBay shoppers tend to think and behave, and never starts with a cookie cutter layout. The only thing As Was uses over and over is creativity.

As Was staff also rewrite, edit, and reorganize the seller’s policies. Better-written policies and a unique design keep shoppers interested, and make them more likely to read and understand the nature of the transaction. Shoppers who understand policies are more likely to bid or buy without bogging the seller down with questions, and are likely to give better feedback and DSRs since their experience matched their expectations.

Each As Was client gets a strategy report from our in-house Business Strategist. Sellers will get a fresh understanding of how to use item titles, listing timing, listing formats, listing features, and more to best capitalize on the demand for their items on eBay.

From there, As Was can design eBay Stores, About Me pages, off-eBay eCommerce websites, business cards, postcards, and other print materials, and blogs. The  “Msss Kel’s Place” designed by As Was won eBay’s “Best In Stores: Standard Store” award for 2008. As Was acts as a full-service business and marketing consulting firm to eBay sellers, and is happy to provide anything sellers need to help them grow.

As Was listing templates are compatible with Vendio (including Vendio Desktop and Andale), Inkfrog, Auctiva, AuctionWizard 2000, Blackthorne Basic and Blackthorne Pro, Laris, Kyozou, Infopia, ChannelAdvisor’s Marketplace Advisor Premium as well as Marketplace Advisor, previously known as Marketworks, and any software that allows for completely custom HTML templates.

As Was also makes a lot of their advice and approach available to the public through their RocketPlace conference. As Was clients and non-clients are welcome to join us at The Rio in Las Vegas, September 10-12, 2008, for the best and newest techniques, strategies, and tools for growing eBay businesses.

Learn more about As Was at

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Saturday, 30 August 2008

RocketPlace Day Passes Now Available

Have you checked out our RocketPlace session schedule, and decided you want to go but can't make the whole event? We now have day passes available!

Beginner Track: Either Wednesday or Thursday is $130 each. Just use discount code wedonly or thuonly when registering to let us know which day you're coming, and get your day pass rate.

Advanced Track: Either Wednesday alone or Thursday alone is $129 per day. Friday alone is $99 for the day. Just use discount code wedonly, thuonly, or frionly when registering to let us know which day you're coming, and get your day pass rate.

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Friday, 29 August 2008

Come Meet ProPay at the RocketPlace Conference!

With eBay's announcement last week that sellers will soon not be allowed to accept "paper money" (checks and money orders), many eBay sellers were introduced to a company that is new to them: ProPay.

We're excited to announce that if you're ProPay curious, and who isn't right now, you can meet them at our RocketPlace conference, 10-12 Sept 2008.

ProPay is an alternative to PayPal, combining the best of a merchant account with the best of an online payment system. Check them out, and come talk to them in person.

RocketPlace will also feature fantastic sessions with speakers including Marsha Collier of eBay For Dummies fame, Todd Lutwak of eBay, Jane Judd of, and Jay Berkowitz of

Register now!

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

eBay Changes Accepted Payment Methods

RBH of the ebayinkblog posted it here, and it's also over here, so it must be OK to start talking about this!

eBay is announcing today that it's changing what payment methods can be accepted by sellers. To me, the announcement has two main components.

1) No more paper money. No checks, no money orders. I am not too sad to see these go. When I used to be more of an eBay seller, I stopped taking those a long time ago. I found a check for $16 once bounced on the 16th calendar day. That's three weeks. So I can hold your check for a month if you want to pay that way, but that made no sense. Other than USPS money orders, I felt like most money orders I got were things I could have made in Photoshop in 1993.

I am not sure if checks and money orders are huge areas of fraud, but they have the potential to be for any seller who ships say the day after they deposit these. If they turn out fake or the check is bad, you may not know for WEEKS. That's bad since you then have little or no recourse.

So my heart is not broken over this. Anybody who wants to pay from a bank account can send a PayPal e-check. I think the only potential downside here are sellers who like to get money orders in USD from international customers so that they don't have to deal with potential PayPal or credit card fraud.

2) eBay is going to start highlighting online payment services and systems other than PayPal. So for those who want or need an alternative to PayPal, they are out there. eBay may not be in the biggest rush to snuggle up to any Google or Amazon payment system, and that makes sense. You can't pay my company with a credit you have from a company who claims to compete with us. :) But other payment services are out there. And it means that the people commenting in the ebayinkblog that it's PayPal only are wrong. It's credit cards, PayPal, and some other services.

ProPay seems to be the first that eBay is highlighting. The transaction rates seem higher than PayPal, and they look higher than what I pay for a merchant account. But again, if you don't want PayPal or can't use it, ProPay is certainly an option.

PayPal turned down our invite to our RocketPlace conference next month. We're hoping ProPay will come. :)

We'll be discussing this on our live talk radio show tomorrow, and hope to include an interview with ProPay. Make sure you listen and call in live with your questions and comments!

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

JetBlue Offers 5% Discount to RocketPlace Attendees

JetBlue wants you to take 5% off your flights for our event!
Here's what you need to know:

  • Fly from any city to Las Vegas (LAS).
  • Depart on 8, 9, or 10 Sept, and return on 12, 13, or 14 Sept. Sorry, any other dates won't work with our discount code!
  • Book at JetBlue's special conventions page.
  • Use discount code rocketplace2 to get your 5% off discount.

Learn more about RocketPlace or register now!

Did you already book on JetBlue and your flights match these parameters? Call them to get your discount. 1-888-JETBLUE (538-2583), option 4

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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

RocketPlace Announces September 2008 Speakers

RocketPlace Announces September 2008 Speakers


RocketPlace, the premier conference for new eBay sellers and PowerSellers, is proud to announce our speakers for our September 2008 event at The Rio All-Suites Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The full schedule of sessions can be found at


Confirmed speakers include:


* Todd Lutwak, Senior Director of Seller Development at eBay, who will be giving the Advanced track keynote as well as a session for the Beginner track.


* Marsha Collier, best-selling author of eBay For Dummies and many other For Dummies books, will be giving the Beginner track Keynote.

* Jane Judd, Senior Manager of the Customer Service Loyalty Team at will deliver the closing keynote for the Advanced Track.

* Jay Berkowitz, CEO of Ten Golden Rules, is a seasoned marketing professional with over twenty years of business experience. He has managed marketing departments for Fortune 500 brands: McDonald's and Coca-Cola, and has developed traditional and direct marketing programs for AT&T, Sprint and Jay was the highest-rated speaker at our Spring 2008 RocketPlace conference, and we welcome him back!


* John Lawson of 3rd Power Outlet, David Yaskulka from Blueberry Consulting, Tim Woda from buySAFE, Cindy Litchfield from Cloud Dome, Bodin Suttles from Endicia, Amy Kendall from HammerTap, Jason Guzman from JunctionQuest, Michael Lambert from Merchant Advantage, Brian Gibbs from Refund Retriever, Edward Sayers of RPM Business Group, Phyllis Wischer of SageFire, Adam Morris from Sell Center, Michael Levit from Vendio, Lisa Suttora from, and a variety of the experts at As Was including CEO Debbie Levitt.


RocketPlace has one track for beginners looking for the road map for eBay business success. A second track is for PowerSellers looking for tips on how to grow with all of eBay's recent changes as well as how to use the latest techniques, strategies, and tools to improve their eBay businesses. More information is available on



About As Was


As Was is a full-service consulting firm specializing in branding, design, sales and marketing strategies, operations management, and training for eBay and online sellers. As Was has been making the world’s marketplace your marketplace since it was founded in April 1995, and has been an eBay Certified Service Provider since August 2004. For more information, please visit or call 520.204.1935.

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eBay Live 2008 Presentations Available

Many people have asked where they can get the presentations that I did at eBay Live. Well, I don't think they are whole... I think they removed a few of my slides. But these will be mostly them! is the main site. Here are my presentations:

eBay Strategies That Can Increase Your Profitability
Serious eBay sellers know that in order to sell and grow, they need to list strategically list their items in certain ways, at a certain times. This seminar features representatives from As Was and Vendio, who will discuss tools for fine tuning your listing strategies as well as general strategies for listing. Topics will include title keywords, listing upgrades, Store vs. Core, categories, and timing of listings.

Attract More Customers With Marketing and Merchandising
Learn to look like a seasoned professional. A panel of certified providers will provide tips and tricks on how to market and merchandise your listings to attract new buyers. Find out how to develop your brand, write better listings and use merchandising tricks to get people's attention.

Looks like How To Stop Breaking The Most Commonly Broken eBay Rules isn't up there... maybe because rules changed since then! You'll have to come hear it live at RocketPlace.

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Monday, 11 August 2008

RocketPlace Conference is Going Green

RocketPlace Conference Is Going Green

The RocketPlace conference is taking extra steps to have less of an environmental impact. The September 2008 event will save trees, water, plastic, and other resources by eliminating wasteful water bottles, conference badges, programs, and notebooks.                                        

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) August 11, 2008 -- RocketPlace, the premier conference for new eBay sellers and PowerSellers, will be taking steps to make the September 2008 event greener. The first RocketPlace conference in early 2008 offered no bottled water to save on wasted plastic. This time, RocketPlace is going further.

Not only will there be no water bottles, but RocketPlace will also save trees, plastic, and all of that production by eliminating paper badges and the traditional plastic badge holders. RocketPlace will use nTAGs as badges, which are interactive devices whose only disposable part is the sticker with the attendee's name. The unit and lanyard are returned to nTAG, which means nothing for an attendee to throw away after the show.

As the nTAGs store the full conference agenda, RocketPlace will not print a notebook or a traditional event program, opting instead for a small, pocket-sized guide to sponsors and exhibitors printed on lightweight, recycled paper. This will also reduce energy and resources needed for printing and transportation. As nTAGs help attendees exchange contact information that is later retrieved from a portal website, this also means fewer business cards being handed out (or thrown out).

RocketPlace will be printing a simple take-home post card listing our sponsors and exhibitors., a Maryland company, is our chosen vendor, and will be printing on paper that is 100% post-consumer recycled and 100% process chlorine free. Ecoprint has been purchasing their energy from a wind farm since 2003, and boasts being 100% carbon neutral, and zero net greenhouse gas emissions.

"We know that being green is not just a fad, and being green goes well beyond using some recycled paper," explains As Was CEO Debbie Levitt. "No matter what you believe about global warming or climate change, saving trees and water as well as using alternative energy and fewer natural resources are always the best choices. As Was is always innovating, and this time, we're taking the lead in making sure that our event has the least possible negative environmental impact. I wore my Camelback hydration pack around eBay Live, and I shouldn't have been the only one doing that!"

Attendees, speakers, and exhibitors can also do their part in making their RocketPlace experience more eco-friendly, including:

  • Go through airport security with an empty water bottle or Camelback hydration pack. Fill it up at a water fountain once you are through security. You've saved plastic and saved money on buying overpriced bottled water in the airport.
  • Take the most direct flights possible to use less fuel.
  • Use plastic cups more than once, or bring your own water bottle and keep refilling it.
  • Give out fewer brochures. Offer downloads from websites or
  • Don't rent a car! Take a group airport shuttle to and from The Rio All-Suites Hotel in Las Vegas, which has suites for just $90/night during our event.
  • Use the towels in your hotel room for more than one day, and ask housekeeping not to change the linens daily. You don't change the linens daily at home, so why have the hotel use so much water and cleaning agents.

RocketPlace has one track for beginners looking for the road map for eBay business success. A second track is for PowerSellers looking for tips on how to grow with all of eBay's recent changes as well as how to use the latest techniques, strategies, and tools to improve their eBay businesses. More information is available on

About As Was
As Was is a full-service consulting firm specializing in branding, design, sales and marketing strategies, operations management, and training for eBay and online sellers. As Was has been making the world's marketplace your marketplace since it was founded in April 1995, and has been an eBay Certified Service Provider since August 2004. For more information, please visit or call 520.204.1935.

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Friday, 01 August 2008

Last Week for Early Bird Reg @ RocketPlace

You're now in the last week to get early bird pricing for our Sept 2008 RocketPlace event. Based on when The Rio needs numbers and info from me, if you register after 8 August, you are not an early bird. :)

RocketPlace is the best conference to attend if you are considering serious eBay selling OR are already a PowerSeller, and want to know the best techniques, strategies, and tools for growth and navigating eBay's changes.

We created RocketPlace before eBay announced the end of eBay University... before the announcement that eBay Live 2009 would be cancelled and not exist. We knew that new and veteran sellers needed a better event more focused on education and networking. Plus, we know that people love getting info from us rather than what some perceive as "the eBay party line." We're hand-picking speakers and exhibitors so that our event is free of scams and hard sells. You will NOT be asked to buy a $5,000 system on the way out. :)

RocketPlace will also have a few highlights that separate it from other events in the eBay industry.

  • We have two tracks so that each type of eBay seller gets information tailored to him or her. Those new to eBay would take our Beginner track. PowerSellers should register for our Advanced track.
  • We're using nTAGs as conference badges. They're interactive, wireless devices you wear. When you meet people, it'll break the ice by seeing what you have in common. They can also store contact info for everybody you meet by holding down one button.
  • We're going green! Forget biz cards and disposable badges and badge holders thanks to nTAG. No bottles of water (what a waste of plastic). Forget the printed program since nTAG has the agenda built in. Forget printed notebooks. RocketPlace is great for eBay sellers and for the environment. :)
  • Unlike other events, we don't take every opportunity to crap on eBay. That means that new and veteran eBay sellers should be comfy that you'll be in a environment that is supportive to your business goals rather than making you feel like the uncool kid in school.

Hey, register now while the prices are lower!

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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Open Jobs at As Was

Hey, readers. We have a bunch of open jobs. You can check them out at Here are some highlights.

Creative Director - this person is like an art director and project manager. You will manage the template design process, so you need to be awesome with design, ideas, and communication.

Customer Support - this person will perform some behind-the-scenes Photoshop and HTML work for our team. You'll also answer support tickets and make the easier changes that clients need... like the person freaking out about his template because his sales tax changed. :)

Account Manager - this is like the Customer Support person, but is the seller's main contact at our company, and the centre of the long-term relationship. So it's HTML and CSS with Photoshop, but's also really knowing eBay and being able to advise people.

Artist - we're always looking for excellent artists who would like to work on our projects. We often have a hard time finding the right people since we need you to be really creative and work well in multiple styles. This is not the type of job where we tell you exactly what to put where, and you are just a robot. :)

Get to know these jobs by reading their full descriptions, and then apply today since we are ready to hire!

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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Free Webinar on eBay Changes

With so many people wondering about eBay changes and what to do, we're putting together a free webinar for 1 July at 11am west coast time. All are welcome. Questions will be taken and answered to the best of our ability! to reserve your space now

We'll be covering recent eBay changes and announcements and what you need to do to be compliant. We'll also look at what is coming, and how to stay ahead of the game as much as possible.

Also, with the hammer being dropped on PowerSellers with lower DSRs, we'll be looking at how to raise DSRs.

Join us!

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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Gone to eBay Live!

Just a note that today is the day I drive away from Tucson, Arizona to head for Chicago. I'll be staying on top of As Was things and work as best I can. But if I seem slow to respond, please don't take it personally! It's a long drive and I'm the only driver.

It also means that I may not have much (time) to drop here until I start live blogging from the events.

See everybody at Dev Con and then Live!

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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

eBay eCommerce Forum Announcements

Hi. It's Debbie from As Was, live blogging from the eBay eCommerce Forum.

New CEO John Donahoe gave the fist speech. They said these changes are for the USA, so if you're not selling on, check your regional site to see what the changes rea.

eBay is changing the fee structure. Effective 20 Feb 2008 in the USA, insertion fees are being reduced in the Core and Store. Gallery images will be free. FVF will go up. They say that mathematically, people should see their fees go down, and with lower insertion fees, sellers now have less risk when listing items.

John says they're rewarding great sellers because eBay wants great sellres, large and small. PowerSellers, based on their level of "buyer satisfaction," will receive up to 15% off their FVF. Starting in March, sellers with more "customer satisfaction" as measured by the DSRs (Detailed Seller Ratings), wlil be given favourable positions in search results. eBay's stats show that a disappointed buyer won't just stop buying from that seller... they might completely leave eBay, which hurts the opportunity for good sellers to sell to that person.

Starting in July, PowerSeller standards will be raised, which I've been calling for for years. Sellers will need to meet minimum DSR scores. I wasn't calling for that, but I'm for raising standards. :)

John says they're going to be revamping Feedback. John says that Feedback is a big turn-off to buyers, who are afraid of retaliatory negatives. The system will be changed to try to improve buyer trust.

John closed by stressing how sellers and eBay need to work together to improve the buyer experiences.


Then Bill Cobb came and gave more details.

Insertion fees are going down 5 cents to 80 cents depending upon the tier.

FVF are going well up. 8.75%, 3.50%, and 1.50%. That first tier is a BIG jump, bu that's only for the first $25. That means $2.19 of the first $25 instead of $1.31. I'm commenting to say that people shouldn't be too scared as that's only just another 88 cents. That'll hit the lower ASP people more of course, but it is only 88 cents.

Featured Plus will be cut to $9.95 in some situations as it'll have tiered pricing.

eBay calculates buyer disatisfaction from things like leaving neutral or negative, and a 1 or 2 rating in any of the DSRs.

More than 5% "dissatisfied" buyers in 30 days will flag a seller as not so great. Those people will see their items disadvantaged in search results.eBay will require the sellers who dissatisfy people to offer "safe" payments via PayPal or major credit card. These are designed to improve buyer trust.

The PS bar will be raised starting in July. Starting in July, you'll need to have at least 4.5 on each DSR in a 12-month period to quality for/remain a PowerSeller.

Sellers who meet or exceed eBay standards will be rewarded through discounts, better payment protectoin, and greater exposure for listings in search.

PS Fee discounts: starting in April, 4.6 or higher on all DSRs will get 5% off on FVF. 4.8 and above on DSRs will get 15% off FVFs. Bill said that as of current stats, over 60% of current PSers would get these discounts. He joked that this is his retirement gift to sellers.

You won't need to have shipped to a confirmed address to get Seller Protection. Any address to which you ship, even gift or work locations, will quality.

The $5K limit on claims will become unlimited for PowerSellers.

Right now PayPal only gives protection to sellers in certain countries. It will soon be offered to ALL countries that allow PayPal payments.

Since Best Match was rolled out, shoppers are converting more to buyers. Starting in March, it'll be THE default way site-wide. High DSRs over the last 30 days will be given an advantage in search results. Search results will still favour items ending sooner, but eBay wants to highlight the better sellers since they think that'll improve buyer satisfaction overall. That's part of the whole Finding 2.0 thing. Other changes have to do with connecting shoppers more closely to what they are looking for.

New Feedback tool starting in May... a Seller Dashboard that'll show PS status, billing status, FVF discount qualification, policy violations and risks, and buyer satisfaction measures (feedback, DSRs, and complaints). eBay hopes that sellers can use this to manage customer satisfaction. You'll know how you stand at eBay since it's similar to how eBay (internally) sees you.

Today, the biggest issue with Feedback is that buyers are afraid to leave honest feedback because of the threat of relatiation. The final straw for many buyers is getting a negative. Feedback is a two-way street, but eBay has a stat that retaliatory negs are way up, and sellers are 8x as likely to leave retaliatory negs than a buyer is. We need to regain buyer confidence on eBay so they'll bid and buy more. eBay worked with Pierre on bold changes...

Starting in May, sellres may only leave positive feedback for buyers. WHAT?! They will remove a fb when the buyer doesn't respond to the UPI. They wlil remove fb when someone is NARU, even retroactively. They will not allow buyers to leave neutral or neg within 3 days of the item ending. They wil reduce the number of days from 90 to 60 for buyers to leave you feedback. These are to help sellers avoid getting negatives.

Your % will be based on the last 12 months though the score will be lifetime. You will get credit for repeat business from 1 buyer/seller per week.

Bill says he knows not everybody will love all of these, but he feels the "overall package" of these changes is strong.


Well, we know sellers have a lot of questions and issues. How will they be found? Once they are found, how can they better convert shoppers into buyers? How can they use strategies to decrease fees, and how can they improve their shipping? Better and cheaper shipping will help those DSRs. Well, this is my plug for my company, As Was as well as our upcoming conference, We're all about getting the sellers the help they need to grow and be more prfitable no matter what changes eBay might make. If you want to keep selling on eBay, and especially if you want to grow, you have to evolve with the changes and be proactive.

I'm just saying. :)

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Saturday, 05 January 2008

Congrats to Us

If you're reading this, then I got married last night. Congrats to us. :)

It means you missed it, and you are too late to have tried to stop it, and profess your undying love for either of us.

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Wednesday, 02 January 2008

Take Our Survey on Holiday Sales

That's the Tiny URL for a survey on how your online holiday sales went this year. Please feel free to share this URL with other eBay, Amazon, website/e-commerce, etc... sellers.


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Tuesday, 01 January 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our readers! I hope that your selling season went well, and the holidays were fun and safe.

Just a note that this week, we'll be adding some new services to our Services and Pricing page at We'll also be raising the price of our template package, so if you want 2007 pricing, you'll need to sign a contract and make your deposit payment by the 6th of January. After that, it's new pricing o rama. :)

Also, now's a great time to sign up for The As Was Conference @ We still have some slots open, but we don't have the early bird pricing anymore. With the conf less than 2 months away, you're not an early bird if you're registering now. You're a regular bird. :) But it's still a FANTASTIC price for the fun you'll have, the information you'll get, and all the full meals we're serving.

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Friday, 14 December 2007

Our New Advanced eBay Store Design

We're proud to present our new Advanced eBay Store Design. We were already offering a "Simple" eBay Store Design service, which was mostly the Store header, reorganising categories, and getting meta tags in. Our point is always to make the eBay Store branded for the seller, but the most streamlined shopping experience possible while staying in the paradigm of the eBay Store. Once you break out of that too far, you are showing a typically low attention span audience something they then have to figure out.

Here is our sample eBay Store: Here are the highlights of our approach, and why they'll work for you.

  • This was designed to match the look, feel, and branding of We would design yours to match the eBay listing template that we made for you. You want consistency of branding and design!
  • The left side column has eBay's categories or your Custom Store categories (however you've set your Store) rather than something that's graphic. If you put graphic links to categories, then it's not dynamic. As you start selling new things or stop selling certain things, the graphics would still show those categories. Our clients prefer what eBay puts in the left side column so that it changes and their categories and item quantities change.
  • We've created a right side column for any message or featured items you want to put there. Right now, that's part of the design and would show up on every page, so if you are featuring items, you may need us to go into the design periodically and update those. Or you don't have to have a right column at all.
  • eBay Store Promotion Boxes still work. We can make sure those Promo Boxes match the look so that they appear totally integrated and not just plopped into the design.
  • Your Store is designed with the same care that As Was puts into everything. We're thinking about the psychology of the typical eBay shopper, the processes and behaviour the typical eBay shopper have, and making the Store easy and obvious to use. Once it's something your shopper has to figure out, you run the risk of "bounces," which are people who hit your Store home page, and then leave.
  • It's darn cool!

Through the end of December, you can still catch our 2007 pricing. Our template service package is $1500 and this Store is an additional $1000. On 1 Jan 08, our template prices will go up. So sign your contract now while you can get a deal! Contact us at

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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

We're Hiring!

Hi, friends and fans. :) We're hiring for our Account Manager position. Here is the job description:

We're in Tucson, AZ. You're wherever you are in the USA, and you have a home office setup where you can separate yourself from any other beings who share your living space! :) As Was staff are currently in the USA, Canada, the UK, and South Africa. We're not doing the India, Pakistan, Philippines, Asia thing.


  • Enjoy buying and selling on eBay, and you have great feedback. Your score is at least 100 with at least 99% positive.
  • Know marketing, and have great ideas for all categories of seller.
  • Are great on the phone, on live text chat, and over email. You express yourself well, English      is your native language, and you’re naturally friendly and patient. You’re a great teacher.
  • Know lots of Photoshop and hand-written HTML and CSS. You will often be working on clients' listing templates, eBay Stores, websites, and other things they need. We don't use FrontPage or Word, and neither do you. You won't do the designs, but you will need to be able to change images and alter layouts.
  • Write well and have lovely grammar.
  • Have a great sense of humour and fun personality.
  • Know your way around Microsoft Office including Outlook.
  • Can fantastically schedule your own day, be self-directed, and manage yourself. We are not going to tell you what to do and when to do it. You'll get projects and tasks, you'll work directly with clients, and you'll need to make sure you're meeting deadlines and keeping people thrilled.
  • Want something that's not your typical day job! Nearly every day, you'll have new clients, new projects, new tasks, and changes somebody wants to something. This job does not fall into any routine.
  • Have a suitable home office/fortress, free from distractions.
  • Can keep selling while working for us as long as you can balance the two.
  • Can join us full time as a consultant or salaried employee.
  • Love our work, and want to be part of what we do for eBay sellers!


  • Love helping eBay sellers start and grow their businesses. It's our passion!
  • We choose clients carefully, so you will love them too.
  • Will train you on how to do what we do the way we do it.
  • Refuse to micromanage. You need to motivate yourself and meet deadlines.

It would be a great plus if you…

  • Were familiar with one or more listing software systems such as Blackthorne, Inkfrog,      Auctiva, MarketWorks, Kyozou, Infopia, and ChannelAdvisor Merchant.
  • Have already passed the eBay Certified Consultant exams. You will need to pass that once      you are hired and trained.
  • Know how to use Salesforce.

Here are some of the duties in no particular order:

  • Editing/rewriting policy text & standard language into clients' eBay listing templates. Installing templates into their software. Making changes as needed (some may be graphic changes).
  • Advising clients on eBay strategies that we recommend for growing their businesses. Helping them NOT break eBay rules. :)
  • Working with our other staff (programmers, artists, Flash guys, etc...) to get what the client needs and translate the client's requirements into a language that the artists understand.
  • Client training. Sometimes, they need extra hand-holding. You can give it to them!
  • Working with industry vendors as the client may need our involvement or as we have questions about their system.
  • Representing us in our eBay Live! booth. Possible other travel for conferences.

Duties not on your plate:

  • If clients want more services, you can quote them, and get approved services going. You are not commissioned, there is no quota, and you are under no obligation to sell things to people. We only sell services to clients who will really benefit from them. No pressure for you, no pressure for them.
  • Business development. If another company wants a closer or different relationship with us, our President will handle that.

Interested? Please fill out our employment form.

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Tuesday, 04 December 2007

Take Our Survey on TSAMs

That's the Tiny URL for our survey on your eBay TSAM aka Top Seller Account Manager aka your PowerSeller Account Rep. We're wondering how these people are helping (or not), so we ask that only people with TSAMs take this survey.

Please pass the URL to friends who have TSAMs so we can get as much input as possible.


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Friday, 30 November 2007

Last Chance to Get 2007 Pricing

We're in the last weeks of 2007, and I wanted to remind people that we're raising most of our prices on 1 January 2008. If you want to contract any work with us, you'll want to do that during December, when you can still get this year's prices.

If you want to wait until early 2008 for us to start the project, that's fine. As long as you sign the contract and pay the 50% of your contract amount before or on 31 December 2007, we'll honour the prices in your contract.

So as you're starting to wrap up your holiday season eBay sales, and thinking about how you can improve, grow, be more profitable, and compete more strongly, think of us while you can still get 2007 prices!

If you want more help from more companies than just us, look at registering for our conference for eBay sellers.

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Wednesday, 03 October 2007

I'm Speaking at OMW This Week

Hey there. You can catch me, Debbie from As Was, at Online Market World in San Francisco on 4 & 5 October. Here are my sessions:

4 October @ 5:30pm: Impromptu Session on Online Branding and Marketing

5 October @ 10am: "From Online Sales to Online Branding"

5 October @ 2:45pm: "What's Driving Growth in the SME Sector?"

See you there!

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Thursday, 27 September 2007

27 Sep: Live Call-In Internet Radio Show

Today is our live call-in talk radio show from 11am - 11:15am west coast USA time!

Using Blogs to Get the Word Out
How blogging can improve your eBay sales. Call in to have your questions answered. to listen or find out what number to call to join in!

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Thursday, 13 September 2007

13 Sep: Live Call-In Internet Radio Show

Today is our live call-in talk radio show from 11am - 11:15am west coast USA time!

Designing Your eBay Store
Get tips on what to consider when designing your eBay Store. Call in to have your Store reviewed live, and your questions answered! to listen or find out what number to call to join in!

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Thursday, 06 September 2007

6 Sep: Live Call-In Internet Radio Show

Today is our live call-in talk radio show from 11am - 11:15am west coast USA time!

Intervew with Marcia Cooper & Harvey Levine
Marcia & Harvey are Education Specialists Trained by eBay. They'll be discussing the EdSpec program, what it means that Marcia is a Certified EdSpec, and their upcoming classes. Call in to ask them or your hostess your eBay selling and buying questions! to listen or find out what number to call to join in!

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Thursday, 16 August 2007

The As Was Conference

Hey there! We're working on planning the first annual As Was Conference, probably for early February 2008. We want your input so that we can make it the type of event that really helps you with your eBay (and off-eBay) sales. We're kicking around some ideas and locations, and we want your help!

We have a survey to gauge interest, and we hope you'll take the time to fill it out. The event is going to be invite-only, so if you want to be invited, please fill out the survey. We want to connect the right sellers with the right vendors and information, and we're looking to do it halfway between eBay Live events.


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Thursday, 03 May 2007

Last Chance to Get Our Discount

We're offering a discount through the end of this week. Time's running out! This will be the only discount we offer in 2007.

Our blog post at has the details.

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Wednesday, 02 May 2007

eBay Developer Conference

I will be speaking at the upcoming eBay Developers Conference. Here is the blurb as eBay wrote it on their site (though with my company named written correctly).

Marketing your Software to the Community
Debbie Levitt, As Was
eBay Certified Services Provider Debbie Levitt from As Was looks at ways to get the word out about your tool to eBay sellers and buyers. What are good names for your software, and how might a bad name work against you? Who is your target audience, and what kind of software do they need? How can you differentiate your product to your target audience? How should you explain your product to the eBay community? What kinds of partnerships might help? What programs does eBay offer to help promote your software? This session is for both technical and non-technical attendees.

You can learn more about the Dev Con, and register now to hear me tell you great stuff about branding and marketing of eBay-related applications! :)

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Friday, 02 February 2007

An Early Spring

Groundhog Day today. An early spring could be coming because he saw his shadow?

No, I think spring will be early because of GLOBAL WARMING.

The weather we're supposed to get here next week is the weather I remember us getting in late March for the last two years.

Global Warming.

You know, I'm surprised that President Bush hasn't taken to referring to Global Warming in terms of groundhogs seeing shadows. Then he can really blame it all on them.

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Friday, 29 December 2006

Branding and Marketing "Lens"

We're trying this Squidoo Lens thing:

Branding and Marketing on eBay is my topic. What do you think? Let me know, and rate it!

All I can say is that I'm SO tired of the scams out there. What more can I do? I ask myself that every day, and I will try to keep finding new ways to warn people. I hate getting phone calls from people who just spent their last dollar on some system that so-and-so recommended. They saw so-and-so on an infomercial, or speaking in their town, so he must be an expert... and so on. I really want to see this changed and cleaned up.

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Monday, 25 December 2006

We're On Squidoo!

This is a great list of blogs, and we happen to be on it! Just search for "fame" on the page and you'll find us. If you like this blog, please vote it up! Vote up all the good blogs. :)

Thanks for your enjoyment and support. :)

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Monday, 27 November 2006

Mpire Discontinues Builder and Launcher Software

Last week, Mpire announced that it was discontinuing its Builder and Launcher software. We felt that it was a shame that it couldn't be priced to continue. Many of our clients were happy with it, and we recommended it often.

So if you were using Mpire, where should you go? We will probably start recommending ChannelAdvisor Pro to the target audience that used to get our Mpire recommendation.

People looking for more features who are OK with spending a bit more and a larger learning curve for software with more features may want to look at MarketWorks.

We can't recommend Turbo Lister or Vendio as they cannot accept the installation of our custom and unique listing templates. In fact, they can't deal with ANYBODY's listing template. Vendio will install something you make, but none of your information will be dropped into it; we're not going to bother with that as it won't have the look our templates need!

There are a lot of choices out there, so if you have questions, ask them here! We'll answer!

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Sunday, 01 October 2006

I'm on Vacation

For the first time in around 100 years, I'm on vacation this week. Yes, a real vacation. Not just one day somewhere. Not a long weekend. A real week. Sure, I'll check email daily and answer my mobile phone if it rings (and I'm in a service area). I want to make sure any clients with urgent issues are taken care of.

New/current clients: projects are being worked on by other As Was staff. We didn't forget you. :)

Have a great week. :)

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Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Deadline For Holiday Season

Just a note that tomorrow is the deadline to sign a contract with us (and pay the deposit) for those of you trying to get work done before the holiday season really kicks in.

We will push as hard as we can to finish projects for everybody who signs and pays the deposit 29 Sept and earlier. Anybody who signs next week or later will find us still working our hardest for you, but we may not be in time for 1 November holiday selling (or earlier!).

I'm in Florida teaching eBay classes tomorrow and through the weekend, so if you want a contract right now, please get in touch [] and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.


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Saturday, 29 October 2005

We Haven't Given Up!

Sorry there have been few posts this month. This is our busy season as we help new eBay sellers launch and existing eBay sellers grow their businesses in time for the eBay holiday selling season. For some, that has already started. In general, it's early November through mid-December.

I hope to get back to more frequent posting soon. I'll get some up this week, but then have to dive back into the busy season!

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Thursday, 21 April 2005


In celebration of the start of our 11th year in business today, we have decided to share with you some of the fun that we whip up around the office. Welcome to our new weblog, the As Was Marketing Hall of Fame.

At As Was, we appreciate good marketing and we cringe at bad marketing. We want you appreciating and cringing along with us! In the process, you may actually learn something about your own marketing and actually change. Change can be good!

We will randomly be posting ads and campaigns that we find, so please subscribe to our feed.

For more information about our company, please visit You can also join one or more of our email mailing lists here.

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