29 March 2008

Next RocketPlace Being Planned!

Planning is moving forward on the next RocketPlace. This is not in stone, so don't buy plane tickets yet, but we are looking at the event being:

10-12 September 2008 @ The Rio in Las Vegas, NV

We are also planning lots of new things! One of them is to offer two tracks of information.

All day 10 & 11 Sept would be a 2-day track just for those who are new to eBay. Even if you've been in retail, buying, or online selling, eBay may be new to you. So this will be a perfect business-minded course for what we'll respectfully call eBay beginners. :)

All day 10 & 11 Sept plus a half day on the 12th will be our "advanced" track. This is aimed at PowerSellers or pre-PowerSellers :) who want to learn the latest techniques, strategies, and tools for improving eBay businesses. We'll go into off-eBay a bit, but plenty of conferences cover that. We are the only conference covering eBay selling the way we do.

People new to eBay but strongly considering it as a business are welcome to attend a little of both tracks if they pay for the advanced track. Or, get a friend or partner to come with you, and you each do one track!

So please pencil us in. The Rio is offering a great rate of $129/night (plus tax), so plan to stay with us! It'll be so much easier than trying to commute around Vegas to save a few dollars each night. The Rio is a lovely place with highly-rated food, a nice casino (I won there!), a bowling alley, some great shows, and lots to do.

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22 March 2008

Account Manager Position Open

As Was is looking to add one Account Manager to our team! Our Account Managers are the face between our clients and the rest of the As Was team.

We're in Tucson, AZ. You're wherever you are in the USA, and you have a home office setup where you can separate yourself from any other beings who share your living space! :) As Was staff are currently in the USA, Canada, the UK, and South Africa. We're not doing the India, Pakistan, Philippines, Asia thing.


  • Enjoy buying and selling on eBay, and you have great feedback. Your score is at least 100 with at least 99% positive.
  • Know marketing, and have great ideas for all categories of seller.
  • Are great on the phone, on live text chat, and over email. You express yourself well, English is your native language, and you’re naturally friendly and patient. You’re a great teacher.
  • Know lots of Photoshop and hand-written HTML and CSS. Most of your day, you will be working on clients' listing templates, eBay Stores, websites, and other things they need. We don't use FrontPage or Word, we don't use the WYSIWYG side of Dreamweaver, and neither do you. You won't do the designs, but you will need to be able to change images and alter layouts.
  • Write well and have lovely grammar.
  • Have a great sense of humour and fun personality.
  • Know your way around Microsoft Office including Outlook.
  • Can fantastically schedule your own day, be self-directed, and manage yourself. We are not going to tell you what to do and when to do it. You'll get projects and tasks, you'll work directly with clients, and you'll need to make sure you're meeting deadlines and keeping people thrilled.
  • Want something that's not your typical day job! Nearly every day, you'll have new clients, new projects, new tasks, and changes somebody wants to something. This job does not fall into any routine.
  • Have a suitable home office/fortress, free from distractions.
  • Can keep selling while working for us as long as you can balance the two.
  • Can join us full time as a consultant or salaried employee.
  • Love our work, and want to be part of what we do for eBay sellers!


  • Love helping eBay sellers start and grow their businesses. It's our passion!
  • We choose clients carefully, so you will love them too.
  • Will train you on how to do what we do the way we do it.
  • Refuse to micromanage. You need to motivate yourself and meet deadlines.

It would be a great plus if you…

  • Were familiar with one or more listing software systems such as Blackthorne, Inkfrog,      Auctiva, MarketWorks, Kyozou, Infopia, and ChannelAdvisor Merchant.
  • Have already passed the eBay Certified Consultant exams. You will need to pass that once      you are hired and trained.
  • Know how to use Salesforce.

Here are some of the duties in no particular order:

  • Editing/rewriting policy text & standard language into clients' eBay listing templates. Installing templates into their software. Making changes as needed (some may be graphic changes).
  • Advising clients on eBay strategies that we recommend for growing their businesses. Helping them NOT break eBay rules. :)
  • Working with our other staff (programmers, artists, Flash guys, etc...) to get what the client needs and translate the client's requirements into a language that the artists understand.
  • Client training. Sometimes, they need extra hand-holding. You can give it to them!
  • Working with industry vendors as the client may need our involvement or as we have questions about their system.
  • Representing us in our eBay Live! booth. Possible other travel for conferences.

Duties not on your plate:

  • If clients want more services, you can quote them, and get approved services going. You are not commissioned, there is no quota, and you are under no obligation to sell things to people. We only sell services to clients who will really benefit from them. No pressure for you, no pressure for them.
  • Business development. If another company wants a closer or different relationship with us, our CEO will handle that.

Interested? Please fill out our employment form.

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14 March 2008

Next RocketPlace is Being Planned!

We are planning the next RocketPlace conference for August or September 2008. The focus will be on getting ready for your holiday selling. Everything is still in the works!

You can fill out our survey to help us shape it. :)

If you would like to speak at our event, http://www.RocketPlace.com/requesttospeak.php is the form to fill out.

Thanks, and more as soon as it's in stone!

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04 March 2008

Bling It Competition

Bling! It Competition – March Madness Give Away!

Competition Objective:
Take an ordinary product shot one you might be trying to sell from your own online or auction shop. Then use Bling! It to delete the background and drop in a new one. Be as creative as you want to be!

Submission Rules:
Submissions sent to blingit@vertustech.com
Each submission to include one “Before Bling!” and one “After Bling!” image, accompanied by a short comment about our Bling! It software [see some examples]

Submission Deadline:
Wednesday 26th March 2008, 23:59pm GMT

Winners will be announced on Fri 28th March and each winner will also be informed by email.

If you already own a copy of Bling! It you can still enter: You are free to give the prize to a friend – what a great gift!

Happy Bling!ing! and Good Luck!!

Competition Rules on Our Bling! It Blog

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02 March 2008

RocketPlace Has Ended for Now!

Our RocketPlace event just finished in Orlando, FL, and it was a huge success! Attendees will get an emai lthis coming week with lots of follow up information that many had requested.

I'm also working on booking a fall event, so please make sure you fill out our survey so I will know how to mold the next event to what you want. We're looking at the 2nd week in September, so pencil in dates like arriving somewhere on the 9th, and the event being the 10th and 11th (and possibly half of 12th).

Thanks again to everybody who supported our first go at a conference, and certainly the sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, and attendees. More soon!


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01 March 2008

Audience again!

Another blogging example for our RocketPlace audience in our blogging session. :)

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Audience shot from 9:49am.

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