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25 April 2008

As Was Launches New "EverySeller Consulting" Service

As Was, eBay's first Certified Service Provider, is best known for their completely unique and customized eBay listing template designs. Their average client sees an increase in their eBay GMV of 15% within a month or two of working with As Was, and then continues to grow. It's not uncommon for As Was to get an email a few months after a project ends from a client who is raving that business doubled or tripled.

Can design really do that? When As Was works with new eBay sellers and veteran PowerSellers, they're not just designing template and eBay Stores. They're coming in as eBay experts to consult in multiple areas of the seller's business. Once upon a time, you could only get personalized consulting from the As Was team of experts if you hired us to also do your template design. For the first time in the over 13 years of As Was, they are offering the consulting side of their services without requiring new clients to get the template design as well.

The "EverySeller" Consulting Package now truly is for every seller. Sellers who are not ready to hire As Was for eBay design work can now work with As Was Account Managers to get one-on-one consulting aimed at growing your eBay business inside and outside of eBay. Some eBay sellers have lost their eBay Top Seller Account Manager (TSAM), and with they had someone they could turn to for help and advice. Think of As Was as your ESAM (EverySeller Account Manager)! :)

"eBay sellers need help, now more than ever," says Debbie Levitt, Founder and CEO of As Was. "With DSRs having the power to make or break you, it's no longer OK for a seller to do the same old things the same old ways. eBay is looking for sellers to raise their game, and that's our specialty. In helping sellers with their marketing, strategies, and how they communicate with shoppers, As Was is the only choice for sellers looking for ways to be more profitable and stay on top of eBay's changes."

The "EverySeller" Consulting Package includes the following:

* Assistance with your brand name. (why is that important?)

* Editing and rewriting the text and the general marketing-focused wording used in your listing template.

* Reviewing your eBay Store and listing template, and suggesting changes to layout, branding, order of information, and anything else As Was believes can help. Suggestions may relate to:
    * Listing strategies including formats, titles, and sell-through rate.    
    * Tips for raising DSRs and keeping them high.    
    * How to get more people to the eBay Store.    
    * How to decrease your pre-sales customer service time, and work towards people's expectations matching what you're going to deliver.

* Providing a full strategy report via email. 

* Discussing the strategy report, and advising you on improving your eBay strategies so that you are selling more while spending less on fees.

* Anything As Was can advise or recommend based on other "pain points" you might have such as shipping, unpaid items, software solutions, third party services, checkouts, how you staff, and more.

After the consulting project is over, you will receive 5 free hours of follow-up consultation time. Additional time can be purchased as you need it.

This service is offered for the introductory price of $950. New clients who sign the As Was contract and pay in full by the end of April 2008 will receive 10% off as part of our Anniversary Month discount promotion.

Visit http://www.aswas.com/pricing-consulting.shtml to learn more about this service. Clients looking for all of the As Was services including the custom design can visit the original services and pricing page at http://www.aswas.com/pricing-withdesign.shtml.

About As Was

As Was is a full-service consulting firm specializing in branding, design, sales and marketing strategies, operations management, and training for eBay and online sellers. As Was has been making the world’s marketplace your marketplace since it was founded in April 1995, and has been an eBay Certified Service Provider since August 2004. For more information, please visit www.aswas.com or call 520.204.1935.

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