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Friday, 10 April 2009

eBay Consultants Who Kill Sales

We've been doing eBay consulting a looooong time. Our first eBay client was in 2001. I like to say I invented eBay consulting. :)

Phone calls and emails I get remind me that not every company out there is good at this. It actually IS possible to hire eBay advisors, trainers, consultants, or designers, and see your business decline directly because of them.

Here are some of the things I've heard about other companies, without naming names:

  • "They said they were eBay experts. They gave me advice, and did some design. My sales went down, and now they won't answer my emails."
  • "I paid a lot for an eBay Store design, and when I checked my traffic report after it was installed, my bounces were way up." Bounces are when someone hits your home page and then leaves without visiting any other pages or clicking anything.
  • "I hired them because they won design awards, but then they made my Store look like all the others ones they do. I wanted to really stand out."

I have a lot to say on this topic, and I'm sure there will be more blog posts about this. But today, I wanted to share with you something someone showed me yesterday. She saw Google Adwords ads for a company claiming to be an eBay consulting firm in the UK. These people had a page on their site about how they will provide extensive training. Their website also says they offer SEO, yet as you move around their website, you notice that their URLs are all https://theirdomainname.co.uk/?page_id=120 or other numbered pages. I think you can do better than that for SEO!

The most interesting part of their site was a screen shot they included of an eBay seller's dashboard to show you how much money they want to help you make. There is no "before" to compare this to, but it's presented like a success story for after they helped someone.

Click to enlarge... this is straight off their website including their redactions.


Look closely...

  • Search standing: standard. They couldn't help them get any better search placement?
  • No PowerSeller discount yet the PowerSeller logo is there, and the status says Silver
  • Policy compliance is FAILING. As in this account probably got in trouble for breaking eBay rules. Hey, that doesn't look so good for your "success story" screen shot!
  • Buyer satisfaction "needs work." Ugh, this means crappy DSRs. Come on!

Ugh ugh ugh. This is the success story? This is the "after" you helped someone? And you didn't think about ONLY doing a screen shot of the sales and leaving out the dashboard summary? Ugh.

His About Us page on his website? Empty. His Our Team page tells you how he recruits consultants for what your business needs. Um, you could do that too, and possibly even without him. :) His Web Design page is blank, and his website design is a nearly-unmodified Wordpress theme. A heap of other pages that look like they're going to be about how he helps start-ups and writes your business plan... all blank pages with titles.

Ugh. Another case of a dentist having awful, rotten, missing teeth.

People, please research people carefully. Make sure they have a strong track record. A lot of factors go into success on eBay. Promises are often alluring. Google ads are designed to reel you in. Don't get reeled in. Be smart, and research. Look for results. Don't just shop by price. The cheapest guy may not be the best, and if you take your online buiness seriously, go for quality.

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I agree whole heartedly one gets what one pays for. I for one have learned to proceed with caution do background checks with my google and ripoffs web reports. One can't let their guard down when it comes to investing precious monies!

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