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Saturday, 10 April 2010

What Best Buy Will Tell You About the iPad

Stopped into Best Buy today to get another external drive. Love those Seagate FreeAgents, especially for all my travels.

Saw the iPad. Had no interest in playing with it. It was smaller than I thought for some reason.

Got to talking with a Best Buy staffer about the iPad. He agreed with me that it really didn't do much that was that amazing. Sure, it's nice for gaming, videos, music, etc... but so are a lot of other things. He said he's already had some bumpy roads with customers in the store who open up iTunes... and then open up a game... and are surprised when the music STOPS playing.

As in it doesn't multitask. Which we knew. But let's not forget it. Apple knew that was a flaw in the iTouch and iPhone, and rolled this out anyway.

The most interesting part was that based on the training the Best Buy staff got, even if asked directly, they are NOT allowed to say that the iPad is a larger iTouch... even though it mostly seems to be. I asked what they have to say. They have to say, "It does so much more." But he couldn't tell me what the much more was.

Note that Best Buy staff do NOT work on commission. It's not in this guy's best interest to sell you something you don't want or need. But they were trained on what to say, and that's the party line.

So there ya go. Me? I'll probably grab an HP Slate when it comes out, just to have something portable. Keep the laptop mostly on the desk. Run Photoshop if I need to. If you're my client, and I'm saving the day for you somewhere with my Windows slate tablet because it runs Photoshop, then you're happy I'm not on an iPad. :)

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