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Monday, 19 July 2010

New Blackberry Commercials Are Embarrassing

I saw an article recently that said in the war of Apple vs Android, the loser is Blackberry. Well said. I'm thinking that my 2004 Palm Treo is not that far from a 2010 Blackberry. I was thinking about this more as I noticed each company's latest advertising campaigns.

The iPhone 4 ads show various scenarios in which people are having video calls. A dad sees his daughter's new braces, and tells her she's beautiful. A husband finds out his wife is pregnant (and they're happy about it). Obviously, it's about connecting to people, face to face, even when you can't be there. I love Skype for this, but OK, the ads make you want to video chat from your phone.

Android phones are running great commercials. Droid and Evo commercials make you feel like you can do anything with these phones, and now that I have one, let me say you freaking can. Between "Droid Does" and Evo's "First" ads about how it's the first phone with a number of exciting features, these are just kick ass devices and campaigns.

Blackberry has new commercials out. One shows a barber taking pictures of intricate razor styling he's done on a customer's head. He's saying he can email this pictures to people and show off his work. The other Blackberry commercial features an interior designer talking about how he can sell pieces pretty much before he buys them because his Blackberry is taking pictures of them as he goes around stores. When they show the picture he takes on that microscopic Blackberry screen, I'm cringing. 

The Blackberry commercials also push Blackberry Messenger because you can message people (!) and you know when they got it (so when they ignore you, you KNOW you are being ignored!). OK, but my phone doesn't have BBM. I'm not part of the club. You can't reach me. You will have to reach me on AIM, Yahoo IM, MSN Messenger, Gtalk, Facebook chat, or Skype. Pick one!

Blackberry, you lose. You're not cool. You will NOT be able to make having a camera phone cool. I had my first camera phone in like 2004, so you're a little late. And what else will you say about what a Blackberry can do?

The people I know who have Blackberries use zero or nearly zero apps. They don't really understand them or see why they need them. They wanted a way to really stay on top of email and text messaging, and Blackberry, with its tactile keyboard, was that perfect device. Always on email! Here's another email coming in now! This is great.

It's like the opposite people from iPad users, who live in touch-screen application worlds. :)

Mobile devices are going in the direction of touch screens and applications. My 2004 phone did that. It was a Palm Treo. Touch screen, colour, always on email, and I think it took pictures. According to Wikipedia, it had a 0.3 megapixel camera. Woo hoo!

But in a sense, my 2004 Treo is nearly a 2010 Blackberry. Both can run apps, but most of the target user doesn't really get the app thing. Both colour touch screens... oh wait, sorry Blackberry... most of your phones are still controlled by a rolling nipple thing. Both handle email really well and reliably. Well, at this point, so does everything else. The K9 email app on my Android phone is one of the best apps I've ever had on any phone.

So I went to the Blackberry site to see what their main marketing messages are. Evidently, their main marketing messages are that on a Blackberry, you can use Blackberry Messenger with a group of friends, and you can use Twitter too! You can get the weather with pictures!

I think Blackberry is going to go where Windows Mobile is going. They're just not keeping it up or keeping it fresh. It's no longer that amazing or unique. While the iPhone has no tactile keyboard, many Android phones still do, for people who want to press buttons to type. However, as someone who thought she couldn't live without the tactile keyboard, let me tell you I'm typing faster without it.

Using ShapeWriter for Android (similar to Swype), I'm typing words at a time rather than letters at a time. I can type with one finger. Faster and easier. I'm definitely typing much faster without the tactile keyboard. I don't miss it at all.

Blackberry people, look at Android phones like the HTC Incredible and HTC Evo. There's just kinda to reason to have Blackberry anymore. Even all the eBay staff I knew who were glued to Blackberries now have iPhones. :)

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Great post. I Googled "Blackberry commercials" because Hulu kept showing me the interior decorator commercial over and over again, and I had no idea what they were talking about with "VBN". Thanks for clarifying that it's "BBN". Whatever that is. Apparently they're only promoting BlackBerry to current customers, otherwise they would have explained what that is.

And thanks for talking about switching from a tactile keyboard to a screen based one. I've been scared to lose my keyboard, and your post was encouraging! :)

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