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Thursday, 18 November 2010

I Don't Jump For Money

Earlier this year, I went to an AT&T Store to learn about the iPad, when it was first coming out. I didn't really want one, but I was curious. I'm on Sprint, and very happy with them. The AT&T people tried very aggressively to get me to switch to them. At one point, very confidently, they told me they would give me $75 RIGHT NOW if I switched. The drool told me that this must work all the time.

I looked at them, and told them I don't jump for $75. If you want me to be disloyal to a service I'm happy with, you'd better offer a lot more. Or there may not be any price on my disloyalty.

This week, someone emailed me wanting me to try his alternative to Terapeak. I asked him what it did that was better. He told me it was just like Terapeak, except it had fewer features. I asked him who would want that. He wrote back, "You?" asking if I would want that. Nope, go fish.

I asked him who would want a version of Terapeak that did less. I'd also think that if there were a huge market for that, Terapeak would come out with a lower-feature option. His reply was that he will put my name on it, I can sell it as my research tool, and make money off it.

Nope, I'm not going to jump for that. I've been recommending Terapeak since I first checked them out many years ago. They've been my pretty consistent recommendation. I think they do a great job with eBay-related research. I see no reason to fake-compete against them just to put a few dollars in my pocket. I think relationships are worth more than that.

When I told him that, he complained that I was supporting a monopoly. Well hey, goofball. If I use Terapeak, they make money from that. If I use your competing product, Terapeak's parent company makes money from that. It's a monopoly either way, though I'm not complaining about that, and would never have thought of that!

So use Terapeak! All the time! For everything! :)

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I like your post Debbie. What's happened to loyalty in the last few years?
I think about baseball players and how it was in the early part of the century, when players would actually be loyal to a team and stay with them for their entire career. That's not the case anymore. Now it's a business, with very few loyal players. It's all about the Benjamin's these days. Money talks unfortunately.
I look at it this way; if all your precious money suddenly disappeared, what would you be left with if you were a disloyal money monger, and you stepped on everyone for the almighty dollar? Nothing I say; however, if you had been loyal, and generous, to friends and family, guess what, now you have friends and family loyal to you in your time of need. Great post!


You really shouldn't use Terapeak for everything. It makes for a terrible CRM tool.

OK that's funny. Terapeak also makes a bad online dating site. :)

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