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Monday, 25 April 2011

This Blog Has Moved

It's official! This blog is officially closed, and has moved. I suggest you follow my other blogs, please!

The As Was site has been redone, and you can follow the new blog at http://www.aswas.com/blog. It'll be much the same as you've seen here with infrequent posts.

The action is now at my Brass Flowers blog. http://BrassFlowers.com/blog is where you'd go! Brass Flowers is my consulting work. Posts are mostly about UX/UI, usabilty, marketing, and branding. What makes websites or apps easy or hard to use. Examples of great and bad design. Even a few posts about the eBay website... is it easy to use? If you have liked the As Was blog, you'll love the Brass Flowers blog.

And for kicks, once in a while, I write a dating advice blog with the lovely Bryan Goodman, aka Mr Bigfoot. That's at http://StealthyDating.com/blog. So if you enjoying the personal, wacky posts here about dating, they'll now live there.

Thanks for your loyal readership! This blog started in April 2005 (amazing!), and it lives on... just not on Typepad.

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