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29 August 2008

Growing With eBay's Changes and Holiday Selling

Hi from Debbie at As Was! We know that with the holiday season coming, many eBay sellers have lots of concerns... concerns about eBay's changes, holiday season selling, your profitability, or competing in the current eBay marketplace.

Our RocketPlace conference is coming in just two weeks (Sept 10-12, 2008) at The Rio in Las Vegas, which makes us the safest bet in Vegas. How much would your sales have to improve for that to have been worth it? A Spring Rocketplace attendee saved $500 month from what he learned from just ONE of our speakers. RocketPlace quickly pays for itself.

Save $35 off registration with discount code ASWASBLOG!

Our event is aimed at giving PowerSellers the newest and best techniques, strategies, and tools to compete, grow, and work with eBay's changes. Newer eBay sellers will learn the roadmap to success. Everybody gets to write off a trip to Vegas!

Highlights of RocketPlace: Fall 2008 include:

  • Separate Beginner and Advanced/PowerSeller educational track. Our average PowerSeller attendee is gold, nearly Platinum. Yes, even bigger PowerSellers can learn something new! :)
  • Star speakers including Todd Lutwak, Senior Director of Seller Development at eBay; Marsha Collier, author of eBay For Dummies; Jane Judd, Senior Manager of Customer Loyalty at Zappos.com; and Jay Berkowitz of Ten Golden Rules.
  • Meet ProPay, the PayPal alternative that combines the best of a merchant account with the best of online payments.
  • Affordable! The Rio has dropped hotel rates for our upcoming RocketPlace conference to $90/night plus tax, and JetBlue gave us a discount code that'll get you 5% off your JetBlue airfares.
  • nTAG wireless interactive "badges" for easier and more fun networking.
  • Speakers are scam-free experts! No hard sells or pushing you into a "system."

Whether you're a seller, consigner, educator, past client, current client, or future client, we know that RocketPlace is a fun event where every seller will learn and grow. Come learn what you need to know to boost and improve your sales, work more efficiently, and navigate eBay's ever-flowing changes. RocketPlace is right around the corner! Learn more at http://www.rocketplace.com.

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